• Nissan 350z (Infiniti G35) LS1 CANBUS Module

Product Description

The Wiring Specialties RevCAN CANbus Module is perfect for adding CANbus functionality to your existing projects or home-made engine harnesses. The 2" by 3" module is housed in a weather proof box and is fully potted inside to provide reliable service throughout its lifetime. Designed to control the instrument cluster on CANbus vehicles, the following features are supported for the 350z (MY: 2003 - 2008) and G35 (MY: 2002 - 2006) chassis:

  • Tachometer
  • Engine Coolant Gauge
  • Check Engine Light
  • Chassis Fan Control
  • Retains OEM ABS Functionality
  • Mitigates all engine-swap related lamps



Nissan 350z (Infiniti G35) LS1 CANbus Module

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