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  • 100 psi Brass Pressure Sensor
  • Water Temperature Kit
  • 3.5 BAR MAP Sensor
  • IAT Kit
  • Boost Solenoid
  • 4.2 WB O2 Sensor Only
  • UEGO 4.9 WB O2 with Gauge
  • Flex Fuel 3/8 barb
  • Flex Fuel -6AN

Product Description

AEM Infinity and other aftermarket ECUs need modern sensors to function properly.  

These are top-quality new AEM Brand sensors to ensure accurate signals reach your ECU.  We are an Authorized AEM Dealer.  

Includes these Required Sensors

3.5 BAR MAP Sensor Kit 
Intake Air Temp Sensor Kit (1/8" threaded sensor DTM style connector included)
150 psi Brass Oil Pressure Sensor Kit
150 psi Brass Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit

Add Required Wideband O2 Sensor*

Add AEM UEGO X Series WB 4.9 O2 Sensor Kit with Gauge
Add AEM WB 4.2 SQUARE O2 Sensor ONLY Kit

Add Optional Additional Sensors

Add AEM Flex Fuel Sensor -6AN Kit
Add AEM Flex Fuel Sensor 3/8 inch Barb Kit
Add AEM Boost Solenoid Kit
Add AEM Water Temperature Sensor Kit


  • The 4.2 SQUARE O2 Sensor is used for direct input to AEM Infinity ECUs, and will plug directly into the WS PRO harness.  
  • Wideband O2 Sensor Kits w/Gauge and other WB O2 controllers communicate with the AEM Infinity ECU via a provided 1-wire data connection.


PRO Harness Aftermarket ECU Sensor Package - AEM

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