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Product Description

Haltech Elite and other aftermarket ECUs need modern sensors to function properly.  

These are top-quality new Haltech Brand sensors to ensure accurate signals reach your ECU.  We are an Authorized Haltech Dealer.  

Includes these 3 Required Sensors

Haltech Intake Air Temp Sensor Kit 
Haltech 150 psi TI Oil Pressure Sensor Kit
Haltech 150 psi TI Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit

Add Required Wideband O2 Controller*

Haltech WBC1 CAN Wideband O2 Controller Kit
Haltech WBC1 CAN Wideband O2 Controller Kit with Gauge

Add Optional Additional Sensors

Add Haltech Boost Solenoid Kit
Add Haltech 3, 4 or 5 BAR MAP Sensor
Add Haltech Coolant Temp Sensor Kit - Delphi M12 x 1.5
Add Haltech Flex Fuel Sensor Kit - 3/8" hose barb fittings


  • Haltech Elite ECUs do not have a built-in Wideband O2 Controller.  An external controller or gauge-based WB O2 Kit will need to be used.   Stock O2 sensors WILL NOT WORK.
  • WB O2 controllers can connect directly to the Elite ECU or connect via a provided 1-wire data connection to the ECU.  No WB O2 connector is provided on the PRO harness.

PRO Harness Aftermarket ECU Sensor Package - Haltech

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