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January 17, 2017 - For Immediate Release - 2JZGTE VVTi PRO Series Harness


NOW SHIPPING!   2JZGTE VVTi PRO Harness from Wiring Specialties
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It’s finally here – the Wiring Specialties PRO Series 2JZGTE VVTi harness.

With time, the Infamous 2JZGTE has been getting scarcer and more expensive. In comes the younger brother the VVTi – still very competent and built well, but has a few new-engine tricks.

The VVTi solenoid is one major addition – the system allows the intake cam to advance up to 60 degrees to help with optimizing fuel efficiency, smoothing off-load engine operation and improving fuel economy, when high performance is not required. Neat!

And the second major change – the drive by wire throttle control. This is a funky DBW, as it’s not truly DBW. You still have a cable that comes from the pedal and turns the throttle linkage on the throttle body, however, that’s where the electronics interfere. The cable pull is used as a requested throttle input, which tells the ECU how far you want the throttle open. A signal to the ECU is sent from the Throttle Motor sensors on the throttle body. The ECU then will electronically position the throttle plate in the requested position by controlling the throttle motor… Runaway throttle – no chance. Toyota built a clutch style mechanism that will freeze the throttle closed, should a DBW problem arise.

So, how do we deal with this mess – easy…

When keeping the factory 2JZ VVTI ECU or upgrading the ECU to an aftermarket unit like AEM infinity, Haltech Elite or ECU masters, the option of retaining this Drive by Wire system are available. However, if an older stand-alone ECU is in use, the system will need to be converted to a true cable drive.

Drift Motion sells a few bits to allow for a super easy conversion to cable throttle. Also, it is always possible to swap out the VVTi intake and throttle body to a NON-VVTi model or an aftermarket unit.

So, what does this all mean? Not much aside from the fact that it’s still an awesome engine and we have done our homework to provide a proper wiring solution for whatever options you choose for your build.


Extensive Options to choose from - build your perfect harness! 

  • ECU - AEM, EMU, LINK, Apexi, Haltech, Motec - Plug-n-Play!  Click HERE for more info.
  • Ignition - OEM Batched or Sequential, or upgrade to Smart Coils from GM LQ9, 1ZZ or AEM
  • Intake / TB - run DBW or cable TB
  • Transmission - R154, W58, V160, Z32, Z33 CD009


Universal & Standalone