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Engine does not crank

You have plugged everything in, but the engine does not crank when you turn the key. Here are a few things to double check:- The Main engine harness does NOT need to be in place for the engine to crank.- The Lower engine harness MUST be in place in order for the engine to crank.- Make sure all power and ground connectors are connected and tightened.

Most of the problems with this simptom are simple. The cause of the problem is likely to be one of the following:- Loose Starter power connection.- Loose Starter ground connection.- Drained Battery.

For Automatic cars:   Clutch interlock switch may be OPEN. The clutch interlock switch plug is usually located at the top of the engine bay fuse box. It is a two-wire plug with a black/yellow and black (or White) wire in the plug.

There are two possible solutions to this issue:  - Connect the two wires in the plug. or- Run each of the wires to the clutch pedal switch, which will close when the clutch pedal is fully pressed in.