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  • Main Harness side connector provided.

Product Description

This Bussmann brand custom fuse box setup includes fused circuits for Ignition (20A), Fan1 (30A), Fan2 (30A), Fuel Pump (30A) and has 1 additional Auxiliary circuit (20A).

The auxiliary circuit is great for differential cooling fan, oil cooler fan, CO2 sprayer, etc.  Any circuit that needs a higher amperage rating.

Applicable to ANY harness install - including all Wiring Specialties PRO Harnesses AND Custom Setups - build your own harness!

  • Plugs right into Wiring Specialties PRO Series Harnesses (v2 connector 2017+). NOTE: You will need to swap the connector (provided) on your WS PRO Harness if you have an older harness made before mid-2017.
  • Can be used standalone on custom harnesses, simply wire in the main harness side of the connector (provided) to your chassis.   All Relay functions can be re-purposed for any device with the proper amperage rating.
  • Includes MATING SIDE of the main harness interface connector.

Full Pinout and wire function details can be found HERE.

Item Features

  • Bussmann Fuse Block with relays and fuses
  • Fully Sealed - weather proof, allows flexible mounting location
  • Mounting Brackets & hardware included
  • Long 8 foot Fuel Pump wire included, correctly rated 12 AWG for 30A
  • Long 6 foot Cooling Fan wires included, correctly rated 12 AWG for 30A
  • 2 foot Positive Battery cable included

Universal RACE Bussmann Interface with Fused Relays, Flying Leads, 2 Connectors, wire

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