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Buy ECU plus PRO Harness and get $100 off with coupon code PROPLUSECU

Buy an Aftermarket ECU (AEM, Haltech, ECU Master) with a matching custom Plug-and-Play PRO Series Harness and get $100 off with coupon code PROPLUSECU.   Click here for more information about Aftermarket ECUs, Sensors and Electronics

Don't forget Sensors!  AEM Sensor Package  |  ECU Master Sensor Package  |  Haltech Sensor Package

Wiring Specialties Aftermarket PRO Harnesses are pre-wired for Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, IAT and MAP sensor wiring directly to the ECU.  Flex Fuel support is available if desired for no extra charge.  Wiring for ECU control of a Boost Control Solenoid is also included on most harnesses.